Dust and Fume Extraction Range

Eurofilter is our brand for Dust and Fume Extraction, we are an independent provider of replacement parts. We have developed a range of high-performance filter cartridges and bags for flame and plasma cutting fume extraction systems. Our filters utilise an Ultra-High molecular weight Polyethylene (UPE) membrane, providing excellent particulate removal combined with a lower air flow resistance when compared with many competitors’ cartridges.

We build cartridges with new media grades in our laboratory, we test their different grades and record the results of how they perform. This enables us to check pleatability and production processing as well as efficiency, pressure drop and dislogement. Our product range is:


  • Cylindrical Cartridge Filters
  • Oval Cartridge Filters
  • Flange Top Cartridge Filters
  • Lugged Cartridge Filters
  • Square Top Cartridge FIlters
  • Threaded Cartridge Filters
  • Twisted Cartridge Filters
  • Cell Panel Cartridge Filters
  • Two Stud Top Cartridge Filters
  • Flo Top Cartridge Filters
  • Screw Top Cartridge Filters
For any further information about our product range, please check the PDF files below.
Product Details
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