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Last Chance Filters

Protect your costly valves and equipment by stopping particles from causing failures.


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What are Last Chance Filters?

Last chance filters are designed to remove and retain contamination, providing final protection of critical components from in-built and system-generated contamination. They prevent sudden, catastrophic failure in fluid systems and give you the peace of mind that your costly valves and equipment are protected.

Main Benefits

  • Protect sensitive components from in-built and system-generated contamination

  • Last opportunity for filtration prior to the component inflow

  • Avoid catastrophic failure in fluid systems

  • Remove and retain contamination induced during operation

Last Chance Filters Type Guide

last chance filter exploded view

Hydraulic Filters

Why are they important?

Last chance filters are important because they offer the last opportunity for filtration directly prior to the inflow into the component to be protected.

Although manufacturers apply the highest levels of cleanliness when producing new components, the chances are that some contamination will not be dislodged until the system becomes operational. Once in the system debris can often cause major, if not catastrophic failures. Micro-Mesh have developed a range of ‘Last Chance Filters’ designed specifically to catch these particles, whilst the main system filter is still required to collect the bulk contamination ‘Last Chance Filters’ are best fitted before costly valves and equipment to stop large particles from causing failures.

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