Filter Kitting

At Micro-Mesh we help our customers run as effectively and efficiently as they can, to aid in this we developed filter kitting. We will supply all filters required for a machine meaning the customer has all the parts they need on hand in the event a replacement filter is require.

We have the capability to supply your maintenance engineers with a sealed kit containing all the filters required for a specific machine service decreasing machine downtime by 50% and reducing the number of line stops by up to 80%. By using filter kitting you ensure you get your parts from 1 supplier, 1 contact all in 1 tamper-free box.

Fillter Kitting

Benefits of Filter Kitting

  • Up To 60% savings on overall filter costs
  • Dramatic reduction in administration costs
  • Major improvement in maintenance standards
  • Increased machine availability and efficiency
  • One order to place – one point of contact
  • Technical back up with qualified engineers
  • Reduction in number of suppliers
  • Reduced stock levels.
Line Stop Reduction
Machine Downtime Reduction
Overall Filter Cost Savings