Fuel Polishing

If you’re storing fuel for long periods of time sediment, water and other contaminants can find their way into the tank. This can taint your fuel supply leading to a high chance of a failure in the engine or generator in which it is being used, which can be extremely costly to replace or repair. By polishing your fuel this will remove the contaminants within the supply allowing you to safely use the fuel without the risk of damaging the machine in which it is used.

Our fuel polishers allow you to clean a tank of contaminants in a matter of hours and will cycle the fuel constantly to prevent future buildup. By pulling from the bottom of the tank we ensure that no contaminants are allowed to settle which also minimises corrosion on the tank walls reducing the intervals at which a tank must be replaced.

Why Should I Polish my Fuel?

  • Increased engine performance
  • Extend life of tanks, injectors and other components
  • More cost-effective then replacing fuel
  • Prevent machine breakdowns
  • Prevent line stops
Polishing Diagram