MicroFit™ Alternatives

Micro-Mesh have been manufacturing filters since 1968 and during this time have built up a substantial portfolio of filters that can be supplied as alternatives to other manufacturers, these include: Pall Hydraulics, Fairey Arlon, Parker, Hydac, Mahle, Argo as well as many other well-known manufacturers.

All our filters are manufactured in Nottingham in our excellent clean room facility. We offer all the latest media including βx=1000 Glass Fibre media along with Cellulose and wire mesh.

Please send us your enquiry for our quality MicroFit™ Alternatives and enjoy the peace of mind you only get buying direct from the Manufacturer.

Product Details
Micro-Mesh Buyers Guide
Pall Alternatives Data Sheet
Schroeder Alternatives Data Sheet
Hydac Alternatives Data Sheet
MP Filtri CU 210 Alternatives Data Sheet
MP Filtri HP 320 Alternatives Data Sheet
Fairey Arlon Alternatives Data Sheet