With its extremely lightweight and compact construction MMPL is ideal for small hydraulic systems requiring flows up to 160 l/min and pressures up to 110 bar. Utilising an Aluminium head and bowl MMPL is suitable for use with mineral oils, lubrication oils, synthetic and rapidly biodegradable oils. Filter elements can be supplied in 4, 7, 12 & 22µ rated at Beta 1000 (βx=1000).


  • 110 bar maximum working pressure
  • Flow rates up to 160 L/min
  • G1/2”, G1”, M18x1.5 and M33x2 connections
  • Visual/electrical indicator
  • Standard micron ratings of 4, 7, 12 & 22µ rated at Beta 1000 (βx=1000)
  • By-pass valve
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MMPL Data Sheet