‘The Export Hub’ is going to be hosted by Micro-Mesh

'Exporting is GREAT' is the topic of the 19th of January at Micro-Mesh. ‘The Export Hub’ makes a stop at Innovation House to give Nottingham based companies the possibility of support and guidance to burgeoning or first-time exporters using the latest technologies.The Hub is an expandable, converted articulated truck capable of hosting presentations and seating 40 people in comfort.

We are pleased that Micro-Mesh has been chosen to be the hosting company for this event, but there is a reason why. We have been able to reverse the negative trend in our sales figures using export over the last couple of years. You would like to know how? Just come around, listen to our Managing Director and the specialists about export, exchange ideas and views, talk to some businesses based at Nottinghamshire and have a look around Innovation House, our purpose built manufacturing facility!

Please click here to find out more about the programme of this day. You can book your seat for the presentation now or just visit whenever you prefer, we are going to be there!