Filter Kitting

Filter Kitting

The Complete Package

In 2001, Micro-Mesh came up with a simple and effective method for optimising machine efficiency.  The Complete Package  filter kits, save time and money whilst maintaining maximum machine availability.  Customers have cited 60% savings on overall costs by implementing this concept. In the rail maintenance sector Micro-Mesh has a database covering the majority of track maintenance vehicles – including Tampers, Ballast Regulators, Ballast Cleaners, Dynamic Track Stabilisers & Track Renewal Trains to name but a few. The Complete Package gives our customer the possibility of getting every filter they need from one supplier, one contact, in one tamper-free box.  Micro-Mesh has the capability to supply maintenance engineers with a sealed kit containing all the filters required for a specific machine service. Information is constantly updated with engine or machine modifications and our skilled staff are therefore able to pinpoint any changes in the filters used, ensuring the latest issue kit is always supplied when needed.   Born out of the rail industry our complete package solution has been adopted across many industrial sectors.

Cost Benefits of The Complete Package:

  • Up To 40% savings on direct filter costs
  • Dramatic reduction in administration costs
  • Major improvement in maintenance standards
  • Increased machine availability and efficiency
  • One order to place – one point of contact
  • Technical back up with qualified engineers
  • Reduction in number of suppliers
  • Reduced stock levels.

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